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Remixed Resolutions

It’s that time of year again.  The arbitrary beginning when we feel extra bold that we can develop a new habit for an entire year.  My sarcasm is clear but it’s only to emphasize a remixed structure that both my wife and myself have found much more useful and appropriate.

The basics:

Instead of new years resolution, we do 24 x 30 day challenges (2 per monthly cycle). Each month has a positive and a negative.  In short each month we have a theme of Do ______ and Don’t _______.

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1 word: scale #youredustory

scale (3)

This word has been on my mind a lot lately.  One of the most awesome things in education in celebrations of success.  A successful teacher, student, school, program, anything.  With all the variables in teaching and learning, it’s often challenging to make significant gains.

When a little bit of the awesome does happen, people notice.  Here are some reactions that seem common:


Admin and leadership:

How do we replicate that experience for a bigger group?

Let’s grow that.

(and within budget)



That’s cool!

Would it work for me?

(my classes are unique)

frustrated student


I wish school could be more like this.

Why can’t school be more like this?

(school is always the same)

I’ve had some great times in the classroom, often working with other teachers to get some of this awesome to happen.  Now I’m in a position to support teachers as a district Math Coach/TOSA.  I get to help them incorporate or expand the awesome.  No matter what I’ll be doing, this concept of scale is sticking with me.  How do we take something and make it fit for the teacher on his/her scale?

Let’s make the awesome work, for each person and everyone.

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