My best thing #yourEDUstory 4

learn-64058_1280 The best thing I get to do in my job is: I get to learn from so many people. I love connecting with others who are passionate about learning.  I would walk outside my door to my neighbors and share an idea or ask what ideas they’ve had lately.  In my previous years I’d be working with at most a group of 6ish teachers.   There would be more than that in the department, but I usually worked with those that welcomed collaboration. Now I serve 60+ teachers for @puhsd, participate in twitter communities like the #MTBoS, and share with other educators at local CUE regional connferences, GAFEsummits and edcamps. I also get to lead others as faculty for CUErockstar events this upcoming summer.  Getting to learn from others is my favorite thing from all this.  I always take away more than I bring into these experiences, and I love it. I used to do things like this before, but now it’s part of my job to find, articulate and share these resources.  It’s not just something I do on my lunch or morning break.  Sharing with others often leads them toward a similar experience of joy with learning as well.

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