How are you different from your favorite teacher? #yourEDUstory 3

Jed and Dad

If I had to pick a favorite teacher, I’d have to say it was my dad.

My dad encouraged everyone to

  1. serve a need if you see it (even if it’s not your responsibility)
  2. get your hands dirty, (he used to call me and my brother ‘elbow grease’)
  3. realize that you have strengths and intelligence, no matter your background
  4. maintain a clean and organized space
  5. ask questions, but don’t try his patience

I’d say that I’ve grown to be quite similar in my own teaching and learning style with one major exception.  My dad often commented to me, “I don’t know how you can have patience for all those rugrats in the classroom.  I’d go to jail for knockin’ one of them up the head.”

I don’t think he would actually hit a student, but his point of having patience for so many teenagers is valid.  They’re trying to balance hormones with academics, not that easy.  This patience that I gained for working with teenagers came from my second (equally) favorite teacher, my mom.

I also tended to have more divergent approaches to problem solving, especially with people.  My dad showed elements of this, through MacGyver like rigs to fix something around the house, but when it came to working through people problems his approach tended to be more direct (and not always diplomatic).

So how am I different.  I have patience to deal with crazy people in the classroom.

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