And So it begins…

Like any recurring event, there’s always a first.  I’m considering this to be my first official blog post.  Though I’ve written a post prior to this one, I feel that it was more of a dipping my toe in the water.  I’m diving in.  I was trying to think of what to write for this, and it took me back to high school writing strategies simplified by my humanities teachers in 11th grade.  The wisdom of communication they passed on could be summed up as follows:

  1. Tell them what you’re going to tell them
  2. Tell them
  3. Tell them what you told them
With this being just as much for my own reflection as it is for others, “them” refers to all in the conversation with this blog, including myself.  The telling will also be inclusive.  All are invited to interact, comment, and share freely as professionals.
So here’s what I’m going to tell you.  I plan to write for this blog regularly covering topics that have to do with teaching and learning (inside and out of the classroom), math(s), creativity, art, and anything else that really comes to mind.  The postings should come out on average once a week.  
A few thoughts I have some plans for include 
  • Formative versus Summative and why we need both
  • Tracking
  • Goldilocks’ Comparison
  • Interaction, Distraction, and other kinds of action
  • The immersive experience
  • Lo-tech done right
  • Speak the language, say what you mean
  • Area for All
  • Why teachers of all levels (and specialties) need to communicate more
So I’ve told you what I’m going to tell you.  Now let’s talk about step 2.

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  1. Looking forward to learning from you. Glad to see you took the dive.

  2. Welcome aboard! I’m interested in your low tech idea and your remark about language. I look forward to reading more. Oh yeah, congrats on getting engaged!

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